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BWYA is a young brand founded in 2018 by Aleksy, an entrepreneur eager to meet the needs of the queer community*. We manufacture binders, boxers, tucking panties and sell various accessories.
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Our textile products are designed and produced in France from A to Z.
Concerned about the environment, our packaging is reduced and recyclable!
The "Original" range has a thinner inner lining with a little elastane for better comfort.
The "X-TRA" range has a thicker inner lining 100% cotton and totally rigid for better compression!
Discover our wide range of Tucking Panties, "Basics", "Colors", "Lace" and "H2O"!

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 in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg only

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I received my binder in record time, it's perfect, a thousand thanks !! I am very happy :)

Have a good day


Order arrived in one week (international)! Delighted with the quality and how it looks on me.

I will not hesitate for my next purchases. 

Thank you


Hello, My name is Mickael and I ordered a binder. I'm very happy

To have received it yesterday. Thank you very much, it's life changing!


I received my order today, I wanted to thank you personally for your efforts and your goodwill.

Thanks again,




Small message to say thank you very much !!

I just received the short binder for my friend, and my partner received his long white binder at home on Friday or Saturday and it fits him perfectly

Many thanks !!

Courage to you,




I received my binder before leaving and it is really great !!!

As a genderfluid person, when I switch it is really useful, it is also very comfortable.

thanks again


Good morning ! I was waiting for them to open their present so that I could post a review. It arrived safely, but I had not opened the package as I wanted to wait for them to open it first. ^^ Color, size, and above all the effect… they liked everything very much. Thank you very much for helping to make it fun! <3 It was great to read all these positive emotions, from the surprise to the pleasure of seeing yourself differently.
Looking forward to recommending you and / or ordering again one of these days 😉
Yours, Am.

I hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you for the binder. It's really cool!
I'm from Costa Rica, Central America, where you can't get locally made binders. We depend on imports from Asia which are expensive and it is often very difficult to calculate the sizes. I have been using binders for 9 years, tried different makes and models, and this is without a doubt the most comfortable one I have ever had. The compression is very good too! Thanks thanks!
My best wishes for 2021!

Thank you very much to you, the binder is perfect I'm the happiest person and thanks to you I feel much better!
good luck and see you soon for a new order!

The qualities of the binders are at the top, they are perfect!

I received my order including binders and I did not expect such amazing quality !!! Nothing to do with the binders I had so far, I almost cried with joy. Thank you for having succeeded in calming my dysphoria on this point

Limandas M.


After several years of looking for a binder brand that really suits me, I followed the emergence and creation of BWYA and immediately ordered. Since then, I have never opted for other well-known brands.

These binders are easy to put on (because they are less rigid), bind really well, are not very painful, pleasant to the skin and above all: easy to wash.

What more could you ask for?
Surely more awareness and support for this French brand which deserves to be put into light.

(Do not hesitate to try, especially since they offer to send the order in neutral packaging for our friends who are not overwhelmed or under pressure from those around them).

I'm flat and happy, thank you BWYA.


Frankly I have no complaints everything is perfect. It gives me a flat chest as I wanted. Fits perfectly. We can see the difference between this one and the Amazon binder. This one is more comfortable, aesthetically appealing, I find it perfect.
I highly recommend.

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