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I received my binder in record time, it's perfect, a thousand thanks !! I am very happy :)

Have a good day


Order arrived within a week (international)!
Delighted with the quality and the rendering on me.

I will not hesitate for my next purchases. 
Thank you



My name is Mickael and I ordered a binder. I am very happy to have received it yesterday.
Thank you so much, it's life changing!


I received my order today, I wanted to thank you personally for your efforts and your goodwill.

Thanks again,



Small message to say thank you very much !!
I just received the short binder for my friend, and my partner received his long white binder at home on Friday or Saturday and it fits him perfectly
Many thanks !!

Courage to you,



I received my binder before leaving and it is really great !!!
As a genderfluid person, when I switch it is really useful, it is also very comfortable.

thanks again


Hello ! 

I was waiting for them to open their present to make a return. He had arrived, but I had not opened the package to leave him this pleasure.
Color, size, and above all effect… she liked everything very much. Thank you so much for helping to make it fun! <3 It was great to read all these positive emotions, from the surprise of the rendering to the pleasure of seeing yourself again differently. Looking forward to recommending you and/or ordering again one of these days 😉 Yours, Am.



I hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you for the binder. It's really cool!
I'm from Costa Rica, Central America, where you can't get locally made binders. We depend on imports from Asia which are expensive and it is often very difficult to calculate the sizes. I have been using binders for 9 years, tried different makes and models, and this is without a doubt the most comfortable one I have ever had. The compression is very good too! Thanks thanks!

My best wishes for 2021!



Thank you very much to you, the binder is perfect I'm the happiest person and thanks to you I feel much better!

Good luck and see you very soon for a new order!


The quality of the binders are at the top, they are perfect!


I received my order including binders and I did not expect such amazing quality!!!
Nothing to do with the binders I had so far, I almost cried with joy.

Thank you for managing to appease my dysphoria on this point 😭🖤
Limandas M.


After several years of looking for a brand of binder that really suits me, I followed the appearance and creation of BWYA and immediately ordered.
Since then, I have never opted for other well-known brands. The binders are easy to put on (because they are less rigid), bind really well, are not very painful, pleasant on contact with the skin and above all: easy to wash. What more ? Surely more noise and support for this French brand that deserves light. 
(Do not hesitate to try, especially since they offer to send the order in neutral packaging for our friends who are not overwhelmed or under pressure from those around them).

I'm flat and happy, thank you BWYA.


Frankly, I have nothing to complain about, everything is perfect. It gives me a very flat chest as I wanted. Size perfectly.
We can see the difference between this one and the Amazon binder, the one if it is more comfortable, aesthetic, it is perfect I think.

I highly recommend.


I'm so happy!! I bought a binder for the first time and tried it.
He is just extra! Thank you BWYA.
The service and the delivery time are superb too ^^


I hope you're doing well.

I received my binder (as well as the one I forgot at your home on Saturday during the Drag-King workshop).

Thank you very much because thanks to you, I have just had a great moment of gender euphoria!!! 😀😁
With the binder, it gives me a flat chest like a man!!
I love sooooooooo 🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍

And to think that all this time, I thought it was because I had too small breasts that the binders didn't work on me… 🤦‍♂️ 🙄
In fact, it was just that I hadn't tried a binder of good quality and of the right size… Anyway!

A thousand thanksiiiiiiiiiiii ❤🏳️‍🌈

JEX Karen

I bought this binder for my teenager who is delighted with it. Everything is perfect – the fit, the comfort, the silky fabric and above all the result.
In addition, I find the quality-price ratio excellent and the order arrived very quickly. We are so happy that I just ordered a second one.
The thank you box


Nothing to say, everything is perfect!

Top-notch, hyper-responsive and attentive customer service, awesome product quality, discreet packaging available and fast delivery…. really can't get any better than that!

I will continue to shop on this site! It's really perfect!

Thanks for what you do


Great ! Made in France, good quality, fast delivery, neutral packaging if your family disapproves or otherwise, painless and effective: it's all there!


I got my binders in 6 days, they are of very good quality. For the moment, I'm having a little trouble putting them on correctly (adjust the position of my breasts so that they all fit and that it's as flat as possible) but I think that over time I'll get better at it. Otherwise I am very satisfied, the packaging is beautiful, the site is really easy, clear and pleasant (compared to other sites where you can quickly feel lost given the quantity of items and the price difference between each product), and the binders are really awesome.


Great, I personally bought the original in beige and I'm really happy with it.
I was waiting for it so much, really comfortable and easy to put on and above all I finally have a flat chest wow thank you your products are very well thought out and congratulations for your fast customer service in case of questions.

james b.

I came to try on the sizes of tucking panties, and I am absolutely not disappointed with the product or the customer service and advice. Aleksy was able to put me at ease, something not easy when you come to try on underwear. He is really nice and gives good advice.