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A binder is a compression top that helps flatten the torso so it looks flat. It can be used in particular for transmasculine, non-binary or queer trans people who wish to have the flattest possible torso, to have a more masculine or androgynous gender expression.

Here is the BINDER GALAXY ROSE, the third in the GALAXY range!

This series evokes ideal parallel worlds where LGBTQIA+ people could fully live out their identity.
Choose the universe that best suits you, you will find all the colors available in our shop (green, blue, purple and pink).
This binder series is limited in time, while supplies last.

This is the safest technique that exists to date to flatten your chest.

Need help choosing your size, carefully read our size guide.

To take care of your binder and give it a longer life, don't forget your washing net, available HERE.

Video on how to put a binder


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The “Original” series is composed of a thinner inner lining. It is totally rigid in the width to offer you optimal compression, but is slightly stretchable in the height, which offers better comfort.

Material: Shell 80% nylon / 20% spandex,
Lining fabric 97% cotton / 3% spandex

The “X-TRA” series is composed of a thicker inner lining 100% cotton and completely rigid which will offer you better compression. This model is more compressing than the Original series model.

Material: Shell 80% nylon / 20% spandex,
Inner lining fabric 100% cotton

Advice:: The "X-TRA" model is recommended for medium to large torsos (from a C cup).

Video: How to properly place your torso in a binder

How to clean: Wash daily in a bath of lukewarm water and mild soap or machine wash in a delicate cycle 30°. Dry in the open air.

Video: How to wash your binder


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Dimensions18x18x3 cm

Original, X-Tra



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  1. Gherseän Bourget (Customer confirmed) -

    Order shipped and received very quickly, the colors are top and the compression is homogeneous. Comfortable, however I took the seams of the armpits to remove about 2,5cm, no more worries after alteration.
    Quick comparison with gc2b: a little less elastic to put it on/take it off but you quickly get the hang of it, the seams leave almost no marks on the shoulders and ribs, the compressive lining is less thick and holds a little less hot.

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