The "Original" range is composed of a thinner inner lining. It is totally rigid in the width for optimal compression, but slightly stretchable in the height, which gives it better comfort.

Board of: This model is recommended for small to medium torsos
                   (A and B Cup) material: Shell 80% nylon / 20% spandex,
                   Lining fabric 97% cotton / 3% spandex Care: Daily washing in a bath of lukewarm water and mild soap or
                     in a washing net in a washing machine delicate cycle 30 °.

                     Drying in the open air.

Don't forget your washing net, available HERE.

Need help choosing your size?  HERE.
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Reviews 11
Dimensions18x18x3 cm

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This product can be exchanged within 14 days. It must be in its original condition.

Delivery time


Delivery time

Refer to the "shipping costs" section

Reviews 11



After a little adaptation time, the binder suits me very well, I can wear it for a long time without any problem! It is even very comfortable to wear.
(size M for about 88cm of chest and 43cm of shoulder. Maybe the x-tra binder would work better, to see)

Alex (Customer confirmed)

Fast delivery, binder very comfortable to wear. There is a slight problem with the seam of the collar, but that does not interfere with comfort, only aesthetics. The collar is very high for me, and the binder can therefore be visible if you wear a T-shirt!


Hello Alex,

Thank you for your feedback, the opinions of our customers help us to improve our products.
As for the collar in fact we cannot lower it further since the neckline of a person with a strong chest / torso would be visible.

On the other hand, we know that some of our customers would like to have a lower collar, so that the binder is even more discreet under the clothes. This is why you can customize your binder in the “made to measure” -> “option” section by selecting “V-neck” for example.

For which of the collar could you send us a photo? It may simply be a design flaw, in which case we may offer an exchange.

Do not hesitate to come back to us,
Aleksy from BYWA

Tom (Customer confirmed)

So fast delivery that I received the package before the email telling me it was sent!
It very sober, classic brown envelope with no pattern, no mention of the contents on the label

I am 1m57 for 50kg, 85 / 75cm by measuring over and under the chest, 38cm for the shoulders
So I took an M and it fits super well, the texture is nice, and there is no scratchy label so it's perfect for me

Sasha Ghezi (Customer confirmed)

I wanted to write my review because I am very very happy !!
This is my very first binder, and wow… .that's a shock!
I took this model in size M (I have a chest measurement of 82,5) and the result is stunning!
Delivery nickel, the fabric is very nice and the size is perfect! I was scared before putting it on but in fact I breathe well in it and I'm very comfortable, it's too comfortable! The color matches my skin very well, slightly matte.
In short, thank you very much, I am not disappointed, and I feel that this binder will greatly facilitate my first summer as an openly nb transmac person! 🙂

Audrey Klemesiak (Customer confirmed)

Binder received very quickly in a neutral packaging at the top!

Tried and immediately adopted! Customer service helped me choose the right size for me (since I have broad shoulders) and it's perfect!

Regarding the product it's great, we see that it's quality, and the binder is so comfortable !! Even my sports bras are not comfortable compared to that, I feel like I'm not wearing anything under my t-shirt and yet the expected illusion is there. Especially since it's really invisible under a slightly tight white t-shirt.

I couldn't have hoped for better.

I thoroughly recommend this product and the store!

Claire (Customer confirmed)

I received my binder in 2 days and the fabric is very soft and elastic. I took M for 1m58 and approximately and 83.25cm of waist circumference! On average! (refer to the size chart). The binder completely flattened my chest and I'm very happy with the result. I recommend a thousand times! You will not regret your purchase.
I will pick up a black one soon.
Excellent communication too.

Dan D Lion (Customer confirmed)

Fast delivery, no worries for the exchange if the size is not suitable. Super happy with my binders, they are efficient and comfortable! I recommend them 100%. Thank you BWYA <3

Solene (Customer confirmed)

Binder arrived in barely 48 hours and in perfect condition. It fits me perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. I am an 85C and with it, my chest is hardly visible. I took an M and it seems to be the right size.

Rebecca Braccini (Customer confirmed)

I received my binder in 4 days (including Sunday), it was the first time I bought one. The fabric is soft, you breathe well and it doesn't pull too much! I finally feel “me”, it's a joy! :))

Aymeric Douillard (Customer confirmed)

Delivered the day after my order, the package is very discreet, it's perfect!

It's a little tight, but I think that's my habit compared to another one I've had for 3-4 years and is therefore a little loose! We'll see what happens, but in any case it's going very well.

I take this opportunity to tell those who want to start HRT that the reduction of the chest (at least mine) did not make me change the size of the binder, but modified the shape it gives under clothing (but it can also be associated with the age of the binder).

You can go there with your eyes closed, it's a very good product!

Basil V. (Customer confirmed)

Delivery in less than 24 hours! I breathe much better with this binder than a sports bra. The package is really discreet! I highly recommend !! If you can't buy a binder because of a parent.s/ I advise you to order it from a friend of yours and ask him to bring it to you! Be yourself <3

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Gode Réaliste Beige Vac U Lock – ULTRASKYN 15,2cm Gode Réaliste Beige Vac U Lock – ULTRASKYN 15,2cm
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